Mark Rubin

Founder and Owner

MS in Exercise and Wellness (Conc. in Fitness and Conditioning)

BS in Biology

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS)

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Mark Rubin is the founder and owner of Parallel Health and Performance, where he strives to work with any client of any level to help them put the pieces together towards fulfilling their potential. He is also currently the Strength and Conditioning coach for Norwich City FC, a football club currently playing in the Championship in England.

Mark was a collegiate swimmer at the University of the Incarnate Word, where he also obtained his Bachelor of Science in Biology. After deciding that dental school was not what he wanted to do, he left two months into the first semester to pursue a career as a coach. He received his Master of Science in Exercise and Wellness at Arizona State University.

A lengthy and successful career in swimming led to him achieving his dream of becoming a national champion at the NCAA Division II level. He hopes to use his triumphs and struggles throughout his career towards helping others build their own path to success.

He has worked with numerous professional and collegiate athletes at organizations such as Norwich City FC, San Antonio FC, and the University of the Incarnate Word Swimming and Diving team. Mark has also been fortunate enough to work within the private sector at EXOS and other local facilities, training individuals of all skill levels, as well as developing youth athletes of many ages. His own fair share of mental and physical hardships as an athlete, eventually transitioning to a post-collegiate career, has given him perspective on how to make fitness-related goals a reality for those at any level, whether you need help adapting and getting back on track or evolving to the next level.

Mark wholeheartedly believes health and performance go hand in hand. He is always trying to ask better questions every day so he can serve anyone he works with to the best of his abilities. Each person deserves the individual attention based on what they need, as everyone is truly different.